Discount Designer Shopping

I found this very interesting. The sites recommended for shopping designer clothing at discount prices offer a lot of tasteful choices.

Unfortunately we can’t all afford to shop the runway but even if you can who doesn’t love a little bargain? So without further ado here’s my top sites for finding those alluring items at affordable prices.

This site has a very exclusive feel which I think is down to their strict selection process, only certain labels are allowed and pieces are approved based on their style and quality. They collect the items from the sellers to list so all the photographs are impeccable and you get an honest product description meaning there’s no disappointments or hidden damages. It doesn’t take a lot of searching to find something you’ll love and they have an inspiration page full of street style pictures and mood boards to get you inspired.

The concept of Vaunte is a designer marketplace that gives you shopping access to the wardrobes of some of the most…

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