Substantial Journalism – SAG Awards 2015

I was glad to hear that Julianne Moore, Jennifer Aniston and a few other Hollywood Actresses have started refusing to be reduced to their manicures and red carpet outfits. Read about how they handled such requests at the 2015 SAG Awards:

I’m not a feminist but the inane questions they tend to ask female stars compared to their male counterparts has become seriously gag-worthy. In an era where there’s very little difference between the kind of job, amount of effort or quality of work put out by both genders, it’s sad to see intelligent and ‘enlightened’ journalists resort to chauvinistic behaviour. I also think the whole drama of best and worst dressed or ‘who wore this outfit better’ is so old and disrespectful. Style is a very personal matter so unless a person’s outfit is vulgar or makes the average person’s skin crawl (in my case that would be draping snake skin all over a person), then I say “leave them alone”. You often find 2 different ‘acclaimed’ critics or stylists or style jurors disagreeing on style so why make a hoopla about it? It just shows a lack for any inventiveness in story-telling and journalistic prowess (in my humble opinion).

I’m happy to see Elle magazine taking a step, albeit cheeky one, in the right direction by posing the same ridiculous question usually asked of female stars, to their male counterparts. Their startled, befuddled responses are just priceless. I hope the African continent (especially Nigeria) can cease emulating these aspect of Hollywood glamour and all that goes with it.

P/S, I liked Julianne Moore’s dress and it contrasts nicely with her red hair, bought I’m not sure it did much for her:

Julianne Moore, Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon Say No to Mani Cam

There was a lot of white going on with other stars on the red carpet but my favourite looks are these:

Laura Carmichael Vionnet
Laura Carmichael Vionnet
Natalie Dormer in Naeem Khan
Natalie Dormer in Naeem Khan
Joanne Froggatt in Honor
oanne Froggatt in Honor Stylist Brad Goreski dressed recent Golden Globe winner Joanne Froggatt in a structural black gown from Honor
Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Monique Lhuillier
Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Monique Lhuillier

But in all, I think Lupita takes the cake. Her stylist should be given a medal:

Lupita Nyong'o in Elie Saab
Lupita Nyong’o in Elie Saab

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