Much Bruhaha About Sports Illustrated’s First Plus-Sized Model

I was as excited as a lot of “regular” women all over the world when I heard that Sports Illustrated was putting a plus-sized model on their cover for the first time ever in their over 60 years of publication. The excitement started when Ashley Graham landed a spot on SI’s swimsuit ad; see her picture below and click here to see the video.


After seeing her rock her size 16 (some reports say size 14…..either way, a far cry from the usual size 6 or 0) bod, so many gave SI kudos and shared their thoughts to the effect that it’s about time a plus size model was introduced on their cover. Well SI listened……..sort of. They featured someone they called “plus-size” but while more voluptuous than they usually feature, a majority of average women agree that a size 10 is not considered plus-size unless you live in Barbie Doll land. Take a look at the lovely model gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated today:

Swimsuit Issue 2015

Still, good for Sports Illustrated. Let’s see more and help improve the self image of our teenagers and women the world over.

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