I Am Not My Hair?

I recently stumbled on a very resourceful website called CURLYNIKKI (the name is a link to go to their site). I have to give credit to a Facebook Group I joined last year called CaptivatingNaturals – you should also check it out.

As a nappy headed sovereign {:)}, finding  inspiration for what to do with my short, kinky, african hair can be trying. After decades of singeing and darn near melting off my scalp while frying my hair to a crisp doneness, I decided in 2010 to dispense with my wicked ways and try something that my head would finally agree with. I say finally because I started using a relaxer at about 9 (years of age) and progressively moved through jerry curls, hot combs, texturizing and practically every new hair fad that promised help for my tough hair. Of course in between that was lots of threading (who remembers that), weaving, braiding, extensions, cutting and sometimes just letting my hair stand on end. Phew!

Image result for bad afro hair day
Courtesy: photoshop-fails.pixlike.ru

Fast-forward to 2010 – I chopped it all off and transitioned (in the most drastic way possible) to dreads. I carried that till last year then got tired, again, and chopped my shoulder-length locs to within an inch of my scalp. The problem I had was mostly styling options and how restricted I felt once they had passed a certain length; wish I had stumbled on these 2 resources then. Alas! I have now and want to share…………..I’m benevolent like that (wink-wink). Hope you get inspiration for your hair and “run tinz”.

Image result for bad afro hair day

Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. atkokosplace says:

    I too had to come to “love” my hair. I fought the waves for so long. Mostly because I didn’t know how to style it. I’ve since made some products that is really has helped me combat frizz. Love your post and your hair!

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