Live Long And Prosper – The End of An Era.

I thought I was done for the weekend but alas, I read a news report on CNN that “Mr. Spock” was dead; or at least the man who played the iconic character, Leonard Nimoy.

Picture extracted from New York Times

What would ‘Star Trek’ be without him? Yes make-up was involved in transforming him into looking so elfly, alien-like but his real features lent so much credence and physical character to the role. His carriage and demeanour made him stand out and I feel age creeping up on me as stars like this pass on. Granted I’m not in his generation but still……. I’m also aware that he acted in a number of other roles but honestly, until it was mentioned in a mini documentary about him, I actually never thought about it. That’s how, almost inseparable he was from hos role to me; I also never bothered finding out his real name and only learnt it when I found out he had died.

Leonard Nimoy at his 2010 one-person photography exhibition at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, Mass.
Gotten from New York Times

I never knew until today, that he had something of a pop singing career or that he was a Method acting coach before being cast for the unemotional “Mr. Spock”…….who would have thunk it?

Ah well, a legend, an icon and a much-adored person and character is gone and can’t be replaced. This is my small way of paying homage to the role that made me interested in ‘Star Trek’ at all.

Courtesy: New York Times

Live Long And Prosper!!!

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