HICC – The Image Fashion Show


My apologies for the late report on this…….no excuses, just apologies.

You will recall I had mentioned the The Image Fashion Show’s maiden event hosted by HICC which took place on the 22nd of February, 2015 (click here for the post)? Well I attended and it was fun.

There was poetry recital by Elizabeth (a lyrical poem called “Ebony”) and Rita. The Comedian and co-host was Larry J who gave a rip-roaring performance and there was beautiful jazz guitar-playing by up and coming (nay very much arriving) artiste, Femi Leye.

Here are some pictures from the show that’ll probably make you determined to be at their next event:

Elizabeth recites "Ebony" so beautifully
Elizabeth recites “Ebony” so beautifully
Femi Leye entertains
Femi Leye entertains
Envy 2
Shoes By Envy

HICC Envy 3 Envy 4 Envy 5 Envy

Femi Leye - Jazz Guitarist
Femi Leye – Jazz Guitarist
Kola Kuddus 2
Designer Showcase: Kola Kuddus
Oge's Accessories 2
Designer Showcase: Oge’s One Accessories
Designer Showcase: NACK
Wadedew 2
Designer Showcase: Wadedew

Kola Kuddus 3 Kola Kuddus 4 Kola Kuddus 5 Kola Kuddus Nack 2 Nack 3 Nack 4 Nack 5 Oge's Accessories 3 Oge's Accessories 4 Oge's Accessories 5 Oge's Accessories Wadedew 3 Wadedew 4 Wadedew 5 Wadedew 6 Wadedew

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