AFWN May 2015 – Announcing Miss Abiola Okoya as Goodwill Ambassador

AFWN have just announced the warm and delectable Miss Abiola Okoya as their Global Goodwill Ambassador for Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2015. She is one of their greatest sources of support and inspiration.

Miss Abiola Okoya - AFWN 2015 Goodwill Ambassador
Miss Abiola Okoya – AFWN 2015 Goodwill Ambassador

Ms Abiola Okoya says “I am very excited at being honoured as the Global Goodwill Ambassador of such an international event and it’s also a pleasure working with the founder, Ronke Ademuliyi and the Team; it is an idea whose time has come and i believe it will continue to flourish and gain momentum. Creativity certainly is not lacking in the African community but what is needed is a platform for them to showcase their talent and funding to nurture it, which I believe AFWN will achieve.”

AD Campaign
Oreka Godis in Adebayo Jones

AD Campaign 2 AD Campaign 3 AD Campaign 4 AD Campaign 5


Fury – the temperament of the ocean’s health

Lashing out hard by the hour’s task

Tossed and crashed  – washed ashore

Haggard and ragged – where do we go from here?

Battered and bruised, we thread our hopes

Mending our minds but first our sight

For out of the froth of the ocean’s fizz

Aphrodites gleams in deified glory

Now ashore, astride her carriage, he leads by her side

Down the aisle of this island’s track

Sweet enticing words beneath the whispering palms

Caressed by the limbs of the ocean winds

Sea breeze greets in lyrical salutations

– with compliments of Adonis;

Her world is formed anew.

On a raft of compiled hopes and aspirations

Dreaming of Atlantis we dream

With repaired ambitions we prepare our journey

We set sail into new destinations

Against the backdrop of our vision

In pair we sail into the sunset …

To a shore line assured of a new horizon

Down the runway of the ocean-drive

We fashion a dream of a rebirth … AFWN!

Taken at Inagbe Grand Resorts
Taken at Inagbe Grand Resorts

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