Valeria Lukyanova - Real life Barbie (picture from
Valeria Lukyanova – Real life Barbie (picture from

It’s been a slew of fashion shows across the globe and stars, shoppers, stylists and the average ‘Jill’ (that’s right, you and I) have watched with frenzied breaths as the cream of designer’s collections have had us pondering, coveting and everything in between-‘ing’. From New York to London, Milan to Paris, we’ve watched trends – what’s in, what’s out, what’s hot , what’s not and what will be.

Then we moved to wishing we could afford some of the items or max out our cards and try to get them added to our wardrobe, but you get a rude reality check when you remember that half the clothes (actually, most) shown in these shows wouldn’t fit you anyway because you’re not a size zero, four or six, aren’t flat chested or without some rear assets. You also remember that you don’t have a tummy that has bounced back to being washboard flat after you had your baby (the way Heidi Klum’s did, even though you exercised like a mad person for 6 months till you were cross eyed from body contortions and exertion) and you really don’t have a body like the ones portrayed in fashion magazines – you know, the very photoshopped bodies – or a body like a runway model, since the idea of eating only 1 leaf of lettuce to stay alive (barely) makes you not want to live.

You may have read my post about Sports Illustrated using a “plus-size” ….ish model on their cover for the very first time in their 60 year history. If you missed it, please check it out here.

From Sports Illustrated Ad campaign

You may also have read or heard about leaked pictures showing Beyonce looking less than perfect. They were from a L’Oreal photo-shoot and were supposedly leaked before the usual retouching that takes place prior to final publication.

Picture from
Picture from

Yes, Queen-B actually has acne – eeekkk!!!…..who would have ‘thunk’ it?

Beyonce's picture after retouching (gotten from
Beyonce’s picture after retouching (gotten from

Now what’s my point in all this you may ask? Well I assure you it’s not because misery loves company and I want to make myself feel better by bringing others down, or that exercise and good nutrition aren’t important, but rather to share a universal but hitherto very guarded truth: we aren’t all created the same and will not, no matter how much we wish or try, be able to fit into generic clothing, make-up or other fashion related enhancers. You’ve heard it before, “true beauty starts from or is on, the inside”. The world generally doesn’t advertise that but if they did, they wouldn’t sell magazines and be able to make us feel bad enough about ourselves that we want to enhance, cover or completely change who we are to fit some ideal that was set by lord-knows-who.

Looking good is good business, yes, but then the whole concept of looking good is so different for so many people. My awesome, damn-I’m-looking-so-fly-you-can’t-touch-this “spooting” could be your idea of the worst wardrobe malfunction ever. If you watch or read commentary by Stylists, Designers, Fashion Police, you see that no two of them seem to agree on what’s lovely, ugly, good taste, or poor showing. Makes you wonder then, whose ideal we are trying to live up to. If you don’t accept yourself for how you were created and indeed learn to love yourself, you could walk down a road that leads to multiple plastic surgery sessions, depression, dysfunctional relationships and continuous dissatisfaction with your very existence. I’m going to be covering a series of topics in this minefield of an area so I’ll kick off with some news for you:

  • The Fashion industry is beginning to get some push back from the public, to begin to get real and cover stories that show the diversity of beauty and life; even stars are joining in. Just check out the recent Dolce & Gabbana runway show at Milan Fashion week and all the articles written about it:
Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week 2015 (from
Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week 2015 (from
Dolce & Gabana at Milan Fashion Week 2015 (
Dolce & Gabana at Milan Fashion Week 2015 (
Dolce & Gabana at Milan Fashion Week 2015 (
Dolce & Gabana at Milan Fashion Week 2015 (


  • Yes we would all like to be perfect but after you’ve watched enough plastic surgery botch-up jobs, you soon realize that there is no such thing. Look at Mickey Rourke, Donatella Versace (and she’s in the fashion industry) or Jocelyn Wildenstein, to understand just how much so.
  • Following trends can be unhealthy and for some body types, skin tones or age groups, a downright dis-service.
  • Finding what works for you, the uniquely created ‘goddess’ that you are, is very key to just enjoying fashion for what it should be – fun, enhancing – instead of what it has become for many – sometimes depressing, in constant comparison with others and often feeling that you haven’t quite nailed it.

So the next riddle to solve becomes: Who am I? What’s my style sense? What am I comfortable in? What works for me and what doesn’t? What I would prefer if I truly didn’t care what anyone thought of me and my brand of style. Don’t have a clue?

How do you go about finding out then? How do you create a you, that you love in the midst of so many recommendations and so many offerings? Choices, choices! Let’s start with the inner you, move to body types and then progress from there through a whole range of related topics in my bid to share what I’ve researched and learned about building one’s personal style, fashion sense and indeed brand. Are you ready? I hope so because it promises to be an interesting journey.

A tout a l’heure!

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