Festival Glee, Pale Yellow Flat Pump -
Festival Glee, Pale Yellow Flat Pump –

If you’re like me, you are often stressed out when shoe shopping because finding trendy, lovely shoes and sandals for wide feet can be such a pain. I looovvvve how heels look on other people (those who look comfortable in them and aren’t walking like minotaurs, that is) but I usually shudder at the thought of wearing them myself. The reason you ask? Well my feet are a bit wide and considering that I can’t shrink the bones in my feet without excrutiating surgery, I’m stuck with them and the cramped feeling I get when trying to squeeze them into footwear not designed to be accommodating. So I have been on a journey since my teens, to find suitable, delectable footwear. My closet is now a museum; an ode to shoes I have bought and struggled to wear – I must wear shoes after all to co-exist in civil society.

Recently however, I’ve decided to do some research to discover clothing and accessories suited to people with not-so-regular sizing or proportions. I know a lot of people have issues in one area or another; one of mine are shoes, for some people they are……..well in other places. Today I’ll share my finds in the shoe department and cover other areas over the next few posts.

Breckelle's T-Strap in black
Breckelle’s T-Strap in black

I can’t exclaim enough, how much I love these platform sandals. They are so awesome, I can finally join the legion of women who have high heels they can wear for hours….don’t know about all day yet. They are wide in exactly the right place and I can walk in balanced dignity (no wavering and veering like a drunk nag) since the heels are chunky and not pencil-thin.

Breckelle's T-Strap (in Black and in Tan / Natural)
Breckelle’s T-Strap (in Black and in Tan / Natural)

I also love these wedge slippers below (sandals if you’re North American), by Dbdk. Never heard of them before I found these lovely wedges in light mint. The rest as they say, is history; got another pair in black and they are my go-to casual wedges when I want to look effortlessly chic. The mint really stand out though, probably ’cause of Spring, and they are soooo comfy.


Finally, there are these – a feminine version of the once famous “Tims” (Timberlands) I got on a whim.


They remind me of the carefree life I lived when they were in vogue and how life seemed much less complicated; they just make me smile to look at them. They are as comfy as their male counterpart; haven’t found many an occasion to wear them but I’m thinking with a lovely romper I have if I want to look a bit juvenile or bootleg jeans?? What do you think?

I’d love to read about your go-to sites or shops for getting irregular-sized footwear – please share.

By the way, I got all these from

Next I’ll share some great finds in the lingerie department. 🙂

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  1. H. E. Lexus says:

    Always great to find heels that fit correctly. When they fit properly they are a lot of fun and pleasure. 😉


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