It gives us a great pleasure to announce Travelfix as AFWN Exclusive Travel & Tour partner. We see this relationship as an exciting one especially as we are both an emerging brand in the Nigerian industry and we look forward to a long lasting relationship between both brands as we both grow and flourish.

Travelfix is also the Exclusive Travel & Tour Partner for Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) which will be hold in London in August 2015.

Ronke Ademiluyi

Why Support AFWN

AFWN is an Opportunity to showcase African fashion to the world, an avenue to showcase the creativity of African Designers, new and upcoming talented models to the world. shares this cause and vision with AFWN.
Supporting the AFWN is an avenue to get our product to reach over 50,000 people that will be participating at this event. This platform will help identify new talents that are in the same Travel and Tourism industry to work and partner with. We are also looking forward to extracting creative minds that can be incorporated into what we do so as to create employment and make a living.
AFWN is a good platform for Travel not just an African brand but an African travel logistics ASV CXV0043 management company that can serve the world.
We participated in the 2014 Calabar Carnival Festival, Nigeria, and the AY Easter Comedy Show in April 2015. All these are part of a series of big projects that will be handling.
In summary, AFWN will provide the exposure, advertising opportunity and marketing to hands-on participation.
Bringing our brand into fashion week will be a good way to create an image and excitement for our young brand.

36c148a5-b60a-4c4f-b794-d62137217870 is an IATA approved Travel Logistics Management Company. It is a subsidiary of Atlantic Vacation Group. was born out of the need to recreate the travel experience of the world through the use of technology, combined with service professional personnel, thereby making travel a worthwhile experience in terms of cost, technology and service delivery to the African continent.

We are strong on ideation of creative tourist packages as well as aviation supports and provision of value added services. We re-imagine traditional notions of vacationing by creating bespoke tourist packages and integrated logistics solutions for clients that request for accommodation, transportation, guide, security options and alternative entertainment packages.

We straddle tourism and logistics. This enables us develop packages that will not only provide our customers with an exciting vacation but allow them to outsource all their vacationing needs (transport, security and entertainment etc.) to us.

We are customer centric and big on feedback, thus our website allows for a Review Section where customers can review our services on a multi-dimensional platform. is also a member of NANTA (National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies) as well as ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents).

To be recognised for excellence in the delivery of innovative customised travel products and services.
To be the foremost travel logistics provider in Africa, while helping to build the habit of vacation into every customer that comes our way.

Our Mission:
To develop creative travel experiences for people all around the world thereby making travel a lifestyle.
To plan and manage our client’s travel logistics details in a professional way, ensuring quality service delivery.


Our values
At all times we act with integrity and impartiality, honourable, transparent and work to the highest standards in the industry.

Customer Focused
We strive to understand our client’s needs, honour our commitments, building long-term relationships and foster good communication.

How we treat others and expect to be treated: We are reliable, cautious, credible and value others.

We build a positive work environment through team work, support and good working relationships giving opportunities for its employee and benefits for its shareholders.

Continuously Improving
We strive to improve the efficient and effectiveness of everything we do through innovation, research and development.

Our services are but not limited to:
Airline ticket booking
Hotel Bookings
Visa Assistance
Car hire service
Events Strategy
Aviation support/Shipping/Cargo/Haulage service
Helicopter booking and rentals
Private jet /Cruise hire
Pilgrimage packages (Jerusalem and Mecca)
Accommodation and Security
Travel Insurance is honoured to inspire and implement solutions to satisfy our customer needs.

afwn advert

MAY 23rd @ The Eko Marquee
MAY 24th @ The Eko Hotel
Pre Gala Show
Gala Show

Tickets Available NOW!
The Eko Hotel,
AFWN HQ, 1 Cottage Drive Lekki Phase1.
Tickets also available online.,

Ticket Hotline
for more information on ticket types visit our Website



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