7 ways to make your perfume last longer!

Really interesting read. An eye opener, so I thought I should share. Who knew all these hacks were out there?

O so Vogue

Do you hate having to constantly carry around your perfume and reapply it so that you can smell nice all day? I know I do… I usually put on my perfume and then realize that after just 45 minutes I can’t smell it anymore! I decided that there must be a way to make it last longer, so I did a little research and tried all the tips out to see which worked and which didn’t, so below I have a list of 7 full-proof ways to have you smelling like your favorite perfume all day!

1. Vaseline! It is the holy grail, click here for a post on life-changing Vaseline hacks! To make your perfume last way longer than it usually would, simply rub some Vaseline onto the area that you spray your perfume on, It’ll hold the perfume and keep you smelling great the whole day!

2. Apply…

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