I just read an article about eyeball tattoos. Apparently it’s not quite nouveau, so forgive me for only hearing about it now.

So let’s talk tattoos in general and why people get them:

A. (and I think the most popular reason people in the western world get them)….being in love. You know, that crazy period in your life where you think anything’s possible and you just want to shout out loud to the whole world about some person and tell everyone about how happy you feel…till you crash back to earth and then wish you never got the tattoo done in the first place and look for ways to change it if you don’t want to have it removed via laser.

B. Ethnic / Tribal – Depending on where you come from, it could signify different things…..your achievements, your family, milestones, etc. Practising regions cut across Asia, Africa and indeed the rest of the world.


C. Makeup – most popular areas are permanent eyebrows or lip colour

D. Forced – For instance what happens to sex or other slaves who are marked by their pimps or traffickers to show ownership. A horrible thing to happen to a person and those who are able to escape often get new tattoos to cover the branding and help them recover from their nightmare

E. Medical – To camouflage vitiligo or identify medical conditions, etc

F. Inebriation – You know, when you get drunk and make very bad decisions like get a piercing or, yes, a tattoo.

G. Decorative – “Just Because”. Just because you love your cat, or like flowers so much or any other reason for the heck of it……and this is where eyeball tattoos or cornea tattoos usually come in (sometimes it could be for medical reasons but the reasons go over my head so I won’t cover it here).


Turns out body tattoos aren’t painful enough so some people decided to go a step further by scratching their eyeballs.

I have to tell you, I don’t get it…….I really don’t, and when you see some pictorial results, the confusion gets worse. Oh wait! I do get it, part of it anyway. Some people are a bit troubled…..the pictures look very scary and I carefully only included the least scary ones.

Ah well, just thought I’d share. Done any cornea tattoos lately?

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