Contouring……The Stress Is Over


….or at least greatly reduced, if SMASH BOX  has a contour kit for every shade.

Wonder what I’m talking about? Well let me backtrack.

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If you’re like me, you have watched the evolution of professional make up application in Nigeria, and indeed the world, with wide eyed fascination. 10 years ago, the average african lady’s makeup routine comprised of ill-matched (don’t know if that’s correct usage and can’t be bothered to check right now) “pancake” / foundation / compact powder (because it took a while for IMAN, BOBBY and MAC products to be readily available), lipstick and black eyebrow pencils. Nine years later and I was gobsmacked to learn about contouring; more gobsmacked to discover that with a little training, any woman could learn to make herself look like someone pretty much completely different from her recognized self.

Then I quickly realised that contouring was not for me except for the occasional grand wedding or similar event…..I mean, who wants to spend an hour getting ready because of the rigours of the perfect eyebrows, perfect eyes and contoured face? Apparently some people have latched on to it like a baby to milk but this chick is like….lazy about getting the perfect look.

Which brings me to subject and reason for my post:

I was just reading an article in Marie Claire that Smash Box has released  / produced (didn’t check exactly when) a contour kit which can be applied to get the chiseled, facial bone structure in a fraction of the time and without looking so contrived or painstaking.

Good news, no?

Now to go shopping to see if they have a kit to complement my dark skin and save women like me a whole lot of stress.


Clipped from

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