It has been brought to our attention that a scandalous story intended to drag in the mud the good brand of the St Eve West African Fashion Show has been published by an unethical news site.
We would however like to disclaim all allegations of misdeeds raised by these unscrupulous individuals hell bent on raising a fire alarm where there is no smoke. 

The St Eve West African Fashion Show brought together several international brands, 25 designers and over 40 models. None of our sponsors, partners, designers and models has ever complained of dishonesty in our three years of hosting the show.  

It’s a shame that a handful of individuals are going around crying foul when all through the planning of this event our models were well taken care of, adequately compensated as agreed and relationships were established between them and our partners.

We urge you all to completely disregard any negative report prepared by faceless individuals who from our investigations are using their backroom connection with online blogs to tarnish the image of a brand as transparent as the St Eve West African Fashion Show.

We are hugely disappointed with these blogs
for posting that disgusting article without conducting a proper investigation as well as not asking the St. EVE team for their side of the story.

Famous bloggers like Linda Ikeji didn’t grow tall by pulling others down. We advise them​
to follow the same path.

Once again, we state our commitment to supporting the Nigerian fashion industry.

Thank You.

​The St Eve Team​

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